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Javafred relocated to this new URL in November 2007 from There is still some organizing going on, some fiddling with the nuts and bolts, so if links don't work right or if the content is not perfectly layed out, please be patient until the spirits are appeased. Until then, I hope you enjoy browsing the site.


Javafred started at in 1999 and was based in Germany. Around 2003 the site was parked and virtually inactive for about 4 years. At that time, Jody Diamond and the American Gamelan Institute were kind enough to host Javafred on the Dartmouth University server as a subdomain ( Thank you, Jody!
Before the site was parked Dr. Astri Wright curated the site while offering valuable advice and facilitating contacts to the world of Indonesian art. Yoes Rizal was instrumental in introducing me to a number of artists and providing design expertise.


This is usually a one-man site. However, as the "NET" extension in the domain name suggests, there are a number of artists, writers, jounalists, collectors and other interested parties who NETwork to make this website possible. This site is fully independent. is not associated with any institution, company, sponsor or other parties. Bandung, West Java, is currently home base.


What it's all about
This website is devoted to contemporary (and some modern) Indonesian visual art. The concept is simple: gathering information about artists (focus on painters), showing their works, providing a few links to relevant websites, and collecting readings about art in Indonesia. Words that may be applied to describing my methods, selections, timing, etc.: unsystematic, random, personal, erratic, and messy. You probably get the idea. Artists, writings and events concerning Indonesian art are added when something catches my attention or is slipped into my inbox. Enquires and requests are welcome -- no promises :)

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