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Yoes Rizal

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Yoes belongs to a generation of artists who graduated in the 1980s from Indonesia's most prestigious university, Institute Teknologie Bandung (ITB). Born in 1956, he grew up in Jakarta after his family migrated to the 13-million strong metropolis from Sumatra.

Yoes has a broad range of themes: Jakarta street scenes and crowded markets, traditional dance motifs, village life, and above all women. Yoes discovers women bathing, stretched across beds, amongst the rice paddies and under banana trees, waiting somewhere, lying in ones and twos on a deserted beach, and in portraits. The sense of beauty discovered, of loneliness, yearning and self-indulgence strikes the viewer with broad splashes of color and essential experience.

Yoes is not only a color-rich painter, he is also an accomplished graphic artist. To supplement his income, he has worked as a graphic designer for an international cosmetic and pharmacological company in Jakarta, as a graphic artist for The Jakarta Post (Indonesian's largest English-language newspaper), illustrator for the inter-cultural Bandung Banana Review (Gary Crabb), illustrator for David Alexander's children's book The Wide-mouthed Gecko, and graphic arts consultant for a World Bank project in central Java.

In 2000, he spent several months as an artist in residence in Vermont, USA.

Born  in  Palembang.  Grew up in Central Jakarta.
Graduated  in 1985  from Dept. of  Art  &   Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), under supervised Indonesian maestros,  Prof. Muchtar Apin , Prof. Kaboel Soeadi, Dr. Sanento Yuliman, Prof. Achmad Sadali

Private Studio: “Villa Uphills”, Desa Cilaja, Arcamanik, Bandung
Tel. 8857857 Cell: 0818716417

Solo exhibitions
2006, Pi Gallery, Kansas City, USA
2007, Side Street Gallery, North Carolina, USA
2005, Pauline Art Space, Jakarta
2004, Galeri Milenium, Jakarta
2001, Twilite Café, Kemang Jakarta
2002, “Emerging Bodies Part II”, Taman Ismail  Marzuki, Jakarta
2000, Red Mills Gallery, Vermont, USA
2000, “Emerging Bodies”, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
1997, Hilton Club, Jakarta
Charity show, Aston hotel, Jakarta

Awards & Residencies
2006-07, Richard Snyder studio, New York, USA
2006, Joan Sommers studio, North Carolina, USA
2007, Jody Wilkins space, Kansas City, USA
2000, Andrew Jen space, Los Angeles, USA
2000, Brian St. Cyr, New York, USA
2000, Vermont Studio Center, sponsored by Freeman Foundation Fellowship, USA
2000, Boston, Massachusset
1999, 4th International Ipoh Art & Fair Festival, Malaysia
1995, art project commission, Sanyu Corp., Tokyo-Nagoya, Japan
1999, Certificate of Recognition, Philip Morris Asia Limited
1984, International Art & Fashion competition, Paris American Academy
1984, International Graphic arts competition, TUTAV, Turkey Tourism Board
and more…

Professional activities
World bank consultant in graphic design
Publishing childrens book
Juror for graphic design competitions
Now Managing Director & owner PT. Cahaya Mulya Indah (active company in services business)

Group exhibitions
2007, “Warna Indonesia”, galeri Rumah Teh, Bandung
2004, “Intimate”, Darmawangsa Town Square, Jakarta
2001, “Interupsi, Galeri Mileninium, Jakarta
2001, Pameran Pelukis Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki
1999, ”Phenomena of Urban Society”, Galeri Milenium, Jakarta
4th International Ipoh arts Fair Festival, Malaysia
“German and Indonesian Expression” with Anke Malmval, galeri Milenium, Jakarta
Indonesian Art Award & Philip Morris, galeri Nasional, Jakarta
“Duo artists”, German Center, Serpong
Café Waroeng Kemang, Jakarta
1998, Bebek Bali resto, Jakarta
pameran Pelukis Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
1994,  “Untitled ‘94”, Hilton Club, Jakarta
1993, “4 artists”, Enteos Club, BRI tower Jakarta
1992, “3 Faces”, gedung YPK Bandung
1985, International Art &Fashion Show, Paris American Academy
1985, “Turkey in my mind”, TUTAV, Turkey
1985, “ 4 Art Students”, 1982, Centre Culturel Francais, Bandung
1982, “7 Art Students”, Centre Culturel Francais, Bandung

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Yoes Rizal

(New York, 2007)