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Pranoto was born in 1952 outside Sragen, a small village near Solo, Central Java. His ambition to be an artist began when he was a child. He went to live in Bali in 1974 with the goal of becoming a professional artist -- and he has been one ever since. He has always supported his fellow artists and collects paintings energetically. Pranoto loves to experiment with different media in his art, even using plaster on tile, and hand-made plaited paper to create a Ganesha on an antique door. He exhibited his brightly colored, light saturated pastels based on July 2000 model sessions at his gallery in a one-man show later in the year. He also participated in "Men Seeing Women", Human Form I" and "II" and "Figure Drawing". In his "small2" show he presented his latest work -- oil paintings on a sandpaper base, where he is concentrating on texture, brush stroke, color coordination and shape division.

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Pranoto telah bermimpi untuk menjadi pelukis sejak muda. Menetap di Ubud sejak 1974 dan bergaul dengan banyak seniman, kadang mengoleksi karya mereka. Pranoto gemar bereksperimen dengan beberapa gaya ataupun media bahan seperti batik, oil, akriklik, cat air, semen berwarna ataupun pastel. Dalam pameran ini lukisan cat minyak di atas kertas amplas dia bermain tentang texture sapaun dengan kordinasi warna, bidan dan sinar.

Source: adapted from a brochure from Pranoto's Art Gallery, Ubud


Pranoto and wife Kerry

Pranoto and wife Kerry Pendergrast
(Kerry on site here)