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Grace Siragar (ESH)

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Born 16 April 1968, Tarutung, North Sumatra

Grace Siregar first learned to paint at the age of 6 from Pak Ahmad, a traveling artist in Bangka Island, South Sumatra, where she grew up. She spent 8 years under his tuition and he encouraged her to express her own vision rather than simply replicating on canvas what she saw around her. She took his words to heart and has always endeavoured to use only her own personal intuition to guide her work. She has painted continuously since that time, alongside a career which has spanned law, business and journalism (Bisnis Indonesia newspaper correspondent for Western Europe). Whilst living in The Netherlands, she continued her studies privately. Now devoting all her time to painting, she lives in Medan with her British-born husband.


Solo Exhibition, Galerie Overtoom, Amsterdam
March 1-27, 1997

Group Exhibition, Galeri Bizete, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
February 12 - March 29, 2000

Dual Exhibition, "Contradictions" with Betty Huwae 
at Wayang Gallery, Jakarta
May 5th-June 5th, 2000

Open-air exhibitions and installation, Jakarta (June 2001)

"My official name is Elfrieda Solacratia ('Grace') Hanna, therefore the ESH on my paintings. My Batak (my ethnic group) family name is Siregar, so in everyday life I call myself Grace Siregar."


June 2001, at Grace's open-air installation in Jakarta

In Amsterdam, pre-2000