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AS Kurnia

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Born 1960, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Solo Exhibitions

1989 Cemeti Contemporary Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
1991 Cemeti Contemporary Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
1992 Kurnia Modern Art Studio, Ubud, Bali Indonesia.
1993 Kurnia Atelier, Ubud, Bali Indonesia.
1995 Balai Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Gelar Seni Ulun Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
1996 Genesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Bali, Indonesia
Cemeti Contemporary Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
2001 Bali 3000, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
2002 Galeri Milenium, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Group Exhibitions (a selection)

1979-1992 Exhibitions in Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Padang, Bali, Indonesia and Netherlands
1987 Exhibitions of two artists, Semarang, Indonesia.
1988 Exhibitions of six artists, TIM (Art Council), Jakarta, Indonesia.
Exhibitions of three artists, Mitra Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia.
1989 Selected Exhibitions of Young Indonesia Painters, ITB
(Bandung Institute of Technology) Bandung, Indonesia.
1990 Mon Décor Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Merah Putih Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Hilton Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.
1991 SAMA-SAMA, Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands.
SAMA-SAMA, Zouavenlaan, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Selected Exhibitions of Young Indonesian Painters, Jakarta, Indonesia.
C-LINE Gallery, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.
1992 SAMA-SAMA, Benteng Vredenburg Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
SAMA-SAMA, Dutch Cultural Centre Erasmushuis, Jakarta, Indonesia
Exhibitions of Five Artists, Bintang Palapa Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia.
1993 Andi’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
The Asian International Contemporary Art Fair, Singapore
1994 Bali Cliff Resort, Bali, Indonesia
1995 Seni Rupa Dua Angkatan, TIM (Art Council), Jakarta, Indonesia.
1996 Biennale-X Jakarta 1996, TIM (Art Council), Jakarta, Indonesia
1997 Group Exhibitions, Lorin & Kristy Fine Art Gallery in TRESORS, The International Fine Art Fair, Singapore
1998 Refleksi Seni’98, Darga Gallery, Bali, Indonesia.
1999 Figure Drawings Exhibitions, Bali, Indonesia.
YSRI – Philip Morris Indonesian Art Awards 1999, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2000 Group OO, Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Bali, Indonesia.
Estetika Millenia Nusantara 2000, Grand Bali Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
2001 Bunga Bunga Bali, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
2002 Dimensi Raden Saleh, Galeri Semarang, Indonesia.
Sienna Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia
2003 2003 Indonesia – Asean Art Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Ilustrasi Cerpen Kompas 2002, Bentara Budaya Jakarta – Yogya, Jezz Galeri – Bali, Galeri Kita – Bandung, Indonesia.
Cp – Open Biennale, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Penjelajahan Diri 18 Pelukis, Raka Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2004 “Wing of Words, Wing of Colors”, Galeri Langgeng, Magelang, Indonesia.
Tamarind…in pursuit of identity, Nava Gallery, Bali, Indonesia.
Skill for Power, Jakarta – Yogyakarta – Malang – Surabaya, Indonesia.
2005 “Aku, Chairil, Aku”, Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
“Realistage”, Bandung – Malang – Magelang, Indonesia.
Ilustrasi Cerpen Kompas 2004, Jakarta – Bandung – Yogyakarta – Malang – Bali, Indonesia.
Bali Biennale, Bali, Indonesia
2006 Semar Art Gallery – “ The Gate : Pre-Discourse”, Indonesia – China.
The 7th Nude Croquis Exhibitions, Seoul, Korea.
Reconsculture, ARMA Museum, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
Jakarta Biennale 2006, Jakarta, Indonesia
Ilustrasi Cerpen Kompas 2005, Jakarta – Yogyakarta – Surabaya – Malang – Semarang – Bali – Bandung, Indonesia.
2007 “Imagined Affandi”, Galeri Semarang, Gedung Arsip Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia.
“Love Letter”, Tonyraka Art Gallery, Bali, Indonesia.
Ilustrasi Cerpen Kompas 2006, Bentara Budaya Jakarta – Yogya, Indonesia.
“Ilusi-Ilusi Nasionalisme”, Yogya Gallery, Yogya, Indonesia.
“Boeng Ajo Boeng”, Bentara Budaya, Yogya, Indonesia.
Ar (t) chipelago Alert, Tonyraka art gallery, Ubud-Bali.
Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China.


1989 First Prize of Paintings Competition of Young Indonesian Painters.




AS. Kurnia 

Rasio, mahluk pertama 
dari penguasa semesta 
dicipta dari segumpal pikiran 
Emosi, mahluk kedua 
berkelamin perempuan 
dicipta dari selembar rasa 
Ego, buah persetubuhannya 

Ego kecil sering melihat 
fragmen kekerasan 
di langit, di air 
Setiap hendak membasuh muka di sungai 
dilihatnya peristiwa kekerasan 
Setiap ia bangun tidur 
membuka mata ke langit 
dilihatnya peristiwa kekerasan 

Ego kecil berguru pada Kata 
belajar cara menggunakan pedang 
belajar cara mengasah jenawi 
Dibelahnya langit 
dirobeknya perut bumi 
Ego kecil melihat kekerasan 
di langit, di air 
Ada kesenangan semburat di wajahnya 

Ditebaskan pedangnya 
dihunjamkan jenawinya 
Ego kecil telah membunuh bapanya 
Ditebaskan pedangnya 
dihunjamkan jenawinya 
Ego kecil telah membunuh ibunya 
Tawanya membuncah menutupi wajahnya 
Ego kecil telah pintar membunuh 
Kata telah mengajarinya 

Ditebaskan pedangnya 
dihunjamkan jenawinya 
Ego kecil telah membunuh gurunya 


AS Kurnia

I started learning to paint, in oils, from painter Saryono BN, in 1976. Then in 1978 I studied at Raden Saleh Sanggar or Pawiyatan under the guidance of the late Gondo Sukotjo. Both were in Semarang. At first, followed the naturalistic style to learn the basic of painting. In 1979, I began working with abstractionism. Why abstractionism? Once I saw abstract painting at an exhibition. When I compared the title to the form of the painting, I was confused. The more I saw other abstract works, the more confused I got. What was behind those painting? This curiosity made me try painting in the abstract style. After doing it for such a long time, I feel that abstractionism with its broad point of view can support my expression. However, to look at my current progress, I can’t say whether the work is still included under abstractionism. Now I am mixing either the medium, technique of form. For certain, I want a wider, broader vision.


AS. Kurnia


Nature is the Place We Return to

Nature inspires artists strongly in creating an art piece. Nature holds a mystery which invites not only scientists but artists as well to be expressed. Of course with a different approach.

There is something that enters our heart if we explore nature with particular attention. A feeling of peacefulness, passion, a multidimensional feeling. Nature become our home, our mother. A place to rest, to let go of an inner tiredness, tiredness of thoughts. A place to rest our head on our mother's breast. A place where we return to because that's where we originally came from. This the reason people recover in or do excursion to nature. This fact is a manifestation of the longing of the microcosm for the macrocosm.

People who never long for nature or return to nature are people who got lost in the confusion of a different life style which is created by a culture of human arrogance, which sometimes destroys their own home, destroys the place of their origin. Nature reveals consciousness of the Creator.

I hand over my body to the sea
my breath sleeps on leave
sky covers spirit
passion turns into fire wind leads me away birds talk to the soil

 -- AS Kurnia, 1996