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Arahmaiani was born 1961 in Bandung, Indonesia.

The profile below is not up-to-date.


1983 Bachelor of Fine Art in Bandung Institute of Technology, Department of Art, Bandung, Indonesia.

1985-1986 - Paddington Art School, Sydney, Australia.

1991-1992 - Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Enschede, The Netherlands.


"Accident I", Bandung, Indonesia.

"Independent Feast", Bandung, Indonesia.

"Fibre Art and Design", Sydney Textile Museum, Australia.

"My Dog is Dead and then He Flew", Centre Culturelle Française, Bandung, Indonesia (solo).

"From Pieces to Become One-Homage to Joseph Beuys", Enschede, The Netherlands

"Four Faces", Biennal IX, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Gallery Café Cemara 6, Jakarta, Indonesia.
"5+5 Indonesian & Dutch artists", Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta and Erasmus, Huis, Jakarta, Indonesia.
"Sex, Religion and Coca Cola", Oncor Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia (solo).
"Indonesia in Emergency Aid", Yogyakarta Biennial, Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

"A Piece of Land for Sale", Artists Regional Exchange (ARX), Pearl, Australia.
"Sacred Coke", Contemporary Art from Non-aligned Countries, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
"Coke Circle", Claremont Art School, Perth, Australia.

"Offerings from A to Z", Chiang Mai, Thailand.
"Nation for Sale", Asia-Pacific Triennale, Brisbane, Australia.
"Traditions/Tensions", Asia Society Gallery, New York, USA.

"Womanifesto: Don't Prevent the Fertility of Mind", Concrete House, Bangkok, Thailand.
"Sacred Coke - Cosmology of Mutilation", VI Biennale de la Habana, Havana, Cuba.
Inside Project: "Sacred Coke - Cosmology of Destruction", Kassel, Germany.
"Contemporary Art in Asia: Traditions/Tensions", Vancouver Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
"White Cases", Glimpses into the Future, Art from Southeast Asia, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Hiroshima City Museum of
Contemporary Art, Japan.

"Instalasi Gawat Darurat Pembangunan", 4+4 Begegnung, Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
"Traditions/Tensions", Western Australia Museum of Contemporary Art.
"Plastic & Other Waste" (First Asia-Pacific Artist Solidarity Project),
Center for the Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.
"Cities on The Move", Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna Secession,
Austria; Musée for the Art Contemporaine de Bordeaux, France; P.S. I, New York, USA.
"Traditions/Tensions", Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan."Burning Bodies, Burning Country", Musée de Castieva, Almaty, Kazakstan.

"Burning Bodies, Burning Countries II" Cultural Centre Phillipines (CCP), Manila
"Made In Indonesia No.
I" ­ Un Ab Die Post, Postfuhramt Berlin
"Newspaper Man II" Semanggi Café, Jakarta
"Rape & Rob" Millenium Gallery, Jakarta
"Cities On The Move" Loisiana Museum Of Contemporary Art Copenhagen, Hayward Gallery London
"Dayang Sumbi: Refuses Status Quo" France Cultural Centre (CCF) Bandung
AWAS! Recent Art From Indonesia, Museum Benteng Fredeburg, Yogyakarta

AWAS! Recent Art From Indonesia, Australian Centre For Contemporary Art, Melbourne; Contemporary Art Space, Canbera
Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney; Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns, Australia, Hokaido Asakawa Museum of Contemporary Art
Solo drawing show at Lontar Gallery, Jakarta
"His-story on My Body" Text & Sub-text, Earl Lu Gallery ­ Singapore; Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney
"Corporeal Apology" Biennale de-Lyon, France
Werklietz Biennale, Germany
"Le Petit du Chaperon Rooge" Le Ferme Du Biusson, Paris
"The Dog's Dream" ISP Open Studio, Tribeca, New York

"His-story on My Body" Hillside Terrace Gallery, Tokyo


"Newspaper Man", Bandung, Indonesia.

"Black Bamboo and White Cloth", Bandung, Indonesia.

"My Dog is Dead and then He Flew" with musician Harry Roesli, Centre Culturelle Française, Bandung, Indonesia (solo).

"Knocking the Door", Malioboro street, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

"Uwek-uwek", with musician Slamet Abdul Syukur, Ismail Marzuki Art Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.

"Four Faces", Biennale IX, Jakarta, Indonesia.

"Frangipani on Water", with musician Wayan Sadra, Mojosongo, Solo, Indonesia.

"It's Late Night - Tomorrow the Sun Will Shine", collaborative work with Aboriginal and Phillippines artists.
"Friday Sermon", Claremont Art School, Australia.
A performance with Suprapto Suryodarmo, Mojosongo, Surakarta, Indonesia.

"Offering from A to Z", Chiang Mai, Thailand.
"Handle without Care I", Brisbane, Australia.
"Handle without Care II - You Love Me, You Love Me Not", Z Gallery, Soho, New York, USA.
"Handle without Care III", Maga City, Bangkok, Thailand.

"Do Not Prevent the Fertility of Mind", Concrete House, Bangkok, Thailand.
"Handle without Care IV", Havana, Cuba.
"Handle without Care, Who Cares?" Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and Hiroshima, Japan.
"Point Zero - My Mind Gets Stuck", Marsi Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

"Point Zero - My Mind Gets Stuck", Nippon International Performance Art Festival '98, Nagano, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Japan.
Festival de Winternachten, The Hague, The Netherlands.
"Show Me Your Heart", Nippon International Performance Art Festival, AsianSeries, Nagano, Nagoya, Tokyo, Japan.
"Burning Bodies, Burning Country", Musée de Castieva, Almaty, Kazakstan.
"Show Me Your Heart", JAXPA 98: Festival of Asian Performance Art I, Bangkok, Thailand.
"Show Me Your Heart", Cemara 6 Gallery, Jakarta; Jamzz, Jakarta; Semanggi Café, Jakarta.

"Burning Bodies, Burning Countries II" Cultural Centre Phillipines (CCP), Manila
"Show Me Your Heart" ­ Und Ab Die Post, Postfuhramt Berlin
"Newspaper Man" Semanggi Café, Jakarta
"Dayang Sumbi Refuses Status Quo" France Cultural Center (CCF) Bandung

"His-story" Jakarta International Performance Art Festival (JIPAF 2000), Jakarta
"His-story" NIPAF 2000, Taipei, Nagano, Nagoya, Tokyo
"His-story (II)" Funkhouse, Dresden
"His-story (II)" Werklietz Biennale, Germany
NIPAF Asian Series ­ Hongkong, Macau

"His-story (III)" Ist Woman Performance Art Festival, Osaka
"His-story (III)" Hillside Terrace, Tokyo
"Violence ­ Hate No More" 3rd Performance Biennale, Israel



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